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Welcome to Well Dressed Home, an award-winning home staging company with a team of certified professionals proudly offering staging services to Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Mississauga home staging company Well Dressed Home is the GTA’s go to resource for home staging, assisting sellers, builders and Realtors listing to sell.  We are a full service staging and decorating firm with a solid record of turning ‘For Sale’ signs into ‘SOLD’.  We work with homeowners, Realtors, investors and builders to effectively market their properties for sale, resulting in more showings, faster sales and higher selling prices.

Whether you’re selling a small condo or a multi-million dollar luxury listing, your property needs to be in a strong marketing position in order to gain the most equity possible from the sale of your single largest asset.  When your house goes on the market, it becomes a product, among hundreds of other similarly priced products.  In the current GTA market, buyers have some choice, so you want your property to stand out, and this is where you benefit from our expertise.

Our team works with a solid understanding of buyer demographics, buyer psychology and lifestyle selling techniques, to create an aesthetic potential buyers seek and are willing to pay more for.

Well Dressed Home carefully studies your property and selects the best furniture and/or accessories from our inventory to suit the style and the home, and appeal to the buying demographic likely to purchase it.

Whether you choose for us to work on key rooms, or your entire house, our design team ensures each space is expertly photo-styled for high impact advertising and internet marketing, resulting in more showings and ultimately more offers.

We work closely with home sellers, Realtors, investors and builders in Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Brampton, and we’d be delighted to work with you too!

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