Vacant Properties Packages start at $2000

There is no cost to staging a vacant home, there is only a cost to NOT stage.  Home staging is an investment and will always be less than the painful cost of a price reduction.  Its a marketing strategy that savvy sellers and listing Realtors choose to obtain the highest possible sale price for a vacant home.

Statistics show 9 out of 10 people have a difficult time visualizing the function of a room, the size of a room and how their furniture will fit in an empty space.  But most importantly, they do not emotionally attach themselves to blank space and empty walls.  Why miss out on connecting with 90% of potential buyers?

Staged homes show buyers that sellers are confident in their asking price.  When staged, sellers look motivated to earn the highest return, and reduce or eliminate the need to lower their asking price.  Staging increases the perceived value of a property, and limits low-ball offers.

*Prices shown are for information only and will vary depending on the number and size of rooms to be staged, as well as the amount of furniture and accessories needed

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Non-Staged Vacant Properties are harder to sell because…

  • Print and MLS photography are essentially ineffective
  • Buyers don’t connect emotionally
  • They find it hard to visualize use of space
  • Rooms feel cold and empty
  • Buyers will notice the imperfections and offer less

And because they are harder to sell, vacant properties are likely to sit on the market longer and experience a price reduction that is often 2-5 times more than the cost of staging.