Decorating & Redesign Gallery

Decorating & Redesign – The projects in this gallery are team based. We work with our clients to use existing furnishings, their favourite colours, mementos and decor pieces that may mean something to them. These spaces are created for them to live in. Although, a bit of our design style may sneak into the project, we make sure our decorating and redesign projects are all about our clients.  We help our clients choose colour schemes that match the feel they are looking for, shop for additional furniture/decor items, create space layouts based on function and focal points, paying attention to lighting and overall cohesiveness. We do this within their budget and restrictions. It is easy to design beautiful spaces when the budget is limitless….however, we take pride that everyone can have a beautiful space to live in. When you are ready to refresh the space you live in…We are here for you!

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